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rollers who should. ukraine's army pounds the center of the end taking stronghold did not score the very first time at least how many people have been killed in the city in the last three days. russia should wall itself and or break ties with its partners that statement from president putin as he addresses top politicians in the resorts in the. village arise police forces in missouri unleash their have us crackdown on protesters yet during a fourth night of unrest over the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teen by a cop. journalist also
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got caught up in the violence to reporters allege they were manhandled during arrest while a news crew reports being shot at by police. what you are getting national coming to you live from moscow i'm marina joshing welcome to the program well local finance guy are saying the resistance has come under the most intense army bombing to date at least two civilians have reportedly been killed and ten injured a shell shower the center of the region's largest city for the very first on some of the following images are disturbing. well this video right here shows the aftermath of the attack o.s.c. observers can be seen examining the scene of the violence at least seventy people have died in the increasingly intense shelling of the past three days the city used to have a population of almost a million before the start of
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a conflict meanwhile the u.n. has signaled a dangerous escalation in the region and they're saying the number of casualties there has climbed to over two thousand since mid april when he had launched its military operation to retake the defined cities and towns in the countries in use or if it also met some of the residents of the region second city of lugansk. and large scale and a repudiation. well end to government in the east so they're trying to liberate the region from occupiers yet it's civilians who are paying the highest price they describe what's happening on the ground and in their backyards as senseless violence. the city of the guns one of the biggest in the crane's east lies in ruins and is almost empty but it too refined never stops while the shelling of the city continue not only residential areas are being targeted just yesterday a shell landed right here in the middle of these graves at one of the city's main
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symmetries cauchon the road no doubt that your son was awarded in this way more volume or so stoke on your balcony i was in the bill you look. at me in your vision. so far more than in the trees disappeared over your little dimitri and his family were caught in this direct fire when they tried to get water from a wild stream i understand i was this national coach and behold not a morning but you're a street in new york is bald this video and you can hear track of it was told it would need to do with kinetic music or follow for your critique this is for mr clinton for his goal but it was a whole dang the mark of globalization all of the numbers below but you sure we'll all be sure to join up and safety is not the only thing the nice in a money artist of all those we spoke to here told us they a need of practically everything humanitarian aid provided by city authorities is
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not easy to get. there is the yellow witch of the girl who still loves it obviously going to have to trudge through the little such a good life it continued miserably even though little skin there is so little crystal in the chip did mr coco which is less letitia inserted table most k w which it read noted well aware of girls who use a brother scooter for much of their loan your home i should you approach you like it you'll deserve to see us get this hendry tonight is hung going to tree in one of the most shelled districts of lugansk invites anyone who wants to flee the city to come to does ignited place on any given day yet those who haven't got out yet don't seem in any rush to pack their bags and escape yet most likely was no we have no magic with the newspaper at the left as it was out of the water but there are those who want to get out but can't. get to the court but when you do i don't miss the
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leadership of the gephardt what is your what did i say good bye or any today just a couple of hours after we crossed the border back into russia we heard that violent clashes have erupted all along the road we drove alone and then these who we just spoke to in the ganske now find themselves trapped in the encircled city. nation. in eastern ukraine by their reporting has outlined the future course of russia's foreign policy the president is currently visiting crimea where he also met members of russia's lower house of parliament in the resort city of yalta around cause a rift is there for us. a lot of speech here in crimea certainly garnered a lot of attention by observers around the world and certainly it was very and to support it and also came on the back drop all the recent. sanctions by russia and the west and that is certainly heightened tensions around the situation in ukraine now here's some of what. i had to say during his speech he underlined the fact
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that's a russian should not also wall itself in break any size it with its partners however russia should never feel or be patronized by its partners in any way or form should not be now the russian president also called on the russian society so unite in light of recent events but to unite not for a call for that but rather to consolidate and to work for the good of the nation and the underlining thought over all that was the fact that russia's foreign policy should be peaceful right now and in the years so it's a call now but this speech itself was met with a certain degree optimism and one indicator of that was the fact that russian stocks at the russian stock markets actually grew and just remind you of the main point the president has stressed russia should not in his view wall itself in or break ties with partners but it should not allow its partners to patronize and
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either let a report also called on russian society to unite urging you know that this not be done for conflict sake. russia's demanding answers over the fate of missing russian photographer andree stan and moscow says it will raise the issue at the u.n. and with the o.s.c. unless cave reveals his whereabouts contacts with a journalist who was working in a sea crane was lost more than a week ago and ukrainian tyria ministry official told standings employer that he can only assume the reporter was detained by the security services the thirty three year old's disappearance of sparked an outcry among international rights groups which are calling for his release and there are now a jury attention to the dangers facing journalists covering the conflict in the country. many other reporters have been caught in the crossfire in eastern ukraine seven journalists have been killed others were abducted interrogated or tortured and here are the faces of those who risked their lives
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covering armed operation for their stories that are to dot com where we're also hosting any updates on the missing photographer andre stanton. meanwhile ukraine has adopted a new law allowing it to impose a package of sanctions on moscow which could include banning a russian fuel supplies through its territory while it has also created a blacklist of russian individuals and organizations that will be affected debate and is known to get particularly fiery in time and this session proved no exception. you. know this brawl was sparked afterward the leader of a far right party accused another of failing to play his part of the so-called and
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terror operation in east ukraine now that he was going to take battle lying down grabbing his accuser's tie and delivering a punch to his face they glasgow ran for the presidency in may and his form when it comes to using his fists in the chamber and a spring he forcibly kicked a russian journalist out of the parliament building using them of espionage despite the crew having a critic. so out of stories now this story police have stepped up their crackdown on protesters during a fourth night of violence over the killing of an unarmed black teenager by a cop officers fired tear gas and rubber bullets at a largely peaceful demonstration in ferguson let me also fell the heavy hand of the law to journalist said they were manhandled during arrest and one news crew even reported being shot by police. is there. you. may have been chaos continue to unravel on the streets of ferguson in the suburbs
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of st louis missouri for a fourth night in a row police continue to clash with protesters coming out onto the streets an outrage over the death of eighteen year old michael brown. right now the air here is filled with tension and really smells of tear gas. violence and looting began on sunday night as hundreds of protesters took out onto the streets dozens of businesses were looted we have witnessed tear gas in fact being used when protesters were quite peaceful. and you know. it seems to be a different story according to the police that have been quite heavily militarized out on the streets night after night expecting it seems the worse. witnesses who say they saw exactly what happened during michael's killing reports that he had been running away from the police car with his hands lifted up in the air showing
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that he was unarmed when he was killed by multiple gunshots this community ferguson in fact has a population of twenty one thousand people two thirds of them are african-american whereas the ferguson police department is estimated to have only three black police officers out of fifty so the issue of race is certainly a huge one in these unraveling clashes and violence that have been taking place while locals are furious over regular police brutality and what they call racial profiling some of them have even stronger words to describe the latest events. when you got a lot of harassment by the cops you don't see and i just noticed that when you go on unknown at all we were in the street so why you shouldn't and so the conflicts there who's going to be next which child is going to be next week jesse trayvon and jordan davis and all the black children all around the world this is the systematic racist problem this is
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a part time in america let's call it what it is. curious responses are also pouring out online over the ongoing militarized police crackdown ferguson some recent tweets compare that have only armed officers to combat troops in iraq there's more social media reaction on our web site r.t. dot com. the. british officials have admitted that elite s.a.'s special forces are on the ground in iraq but london claims its troops and aircraft are only there to help kurdish refugees who've been cut off by jihadist forces some british lawmakers want to broader intervention meanwhile extremists are openly recruiting on the streets of london ass boy who now reports he. shoppers on london's oxford street got more than they bargained for earlier this week when they encountered men handing out flyers asking britons to join the islamic state the violent organization terrorizing
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northern iraq i was on oxford street with a group of friends of mine and i saw this. stance people were having like a table. given leaflets to people trying to promote. the highly fight the spread of pro islamic state material has become a major concern fat anti terror police in the u.k. i thought ok this is wrong something else going on i was very angry i mean. i was trembling there using the democratic and that situation and freedom in order to promote something against it which is really really dangerous in one east london housing estate this black flag closely resembling that of jihadist groups was seen hanging above the gates for several days the highly provocative gesture took pace
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as the islamic states murderous campaign has left thousands of refugees stranded in northern iraq r.a.f. tornado jets have been sent to support a drops for refugees and to carry out surveillance operations images of islamic state forces retold rampage through iraq have been splashed across the media and it's starring public opinion where the demonstration outside downing street and you can see the signs talking about standing up to i said the u.k. prime minister is under growing political pressure to follow the lead of the u.s. and launch airstrikes to try to stop the terrorists advance that's despite lingering anger over the deeply unpopular iraq war which cost the u.k. . nine billion pounds and dragged on for almost a decade iraq's current crisis has been blamed on the power vacuum the war created there is also
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a sense that because of the iraq war this is the west responsibility many people consider that of course is the alternate view that the west has already been into iraq and it hasn't worked out so they should just stand back the u.k. government is limited itself to providing humanitarian assistance but with growing concerns over the islam mix states reign of terror and over the spread of extremist ideology at home westminster could be forced to reconsider i. see london. offer more on the european impact of the jihad as insurgency what's now cross to the chairman obvious lama human rights commission masood sharjah ray thank you so much misery for joining us here and as you know national to discuss this well a friend says that nine hundred of its citizens are fighting in syria and iraq at this point and the u.k. is also saying that will in fact previously said that hundreds of britons are also in the region why are radical ideas so popular in europe. well i think
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and the reality is that there is always some people from europe to go and get involved in the wars and that's happened from the time off and the civil war in spain and and even recent the we had soldiers going from europe into israel fighting in the israeli defense force and this happens on fortunately and i think what is making the matter really in wars is. just the policies of the british government and european government which is confusing and giving counter sort of mrs johnson on one side and that is a commitment by europe to get rid of and did a government in syria. and removing by any means and then on the other side we are worried about rise of extremism and the terrorism which is really
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awful i mean what is. the state of the cia on iraq is doing is told to be on the acceptable alien to anything including aid into the fate of muslims as understood but overwhelming majority of us but how dangerous is the trans people actually or of volunteers turning to jihad. well i think i think i think there is over a status here i mean yes indeed there are some individuals which are said in their mind to provoke you know these leafletting industries which we just heard it really is a boy very very minute a small section of community we sharpen provocative and indeed is provocative but nobody is going to be recruited by receiving a leaf this in high streets in london i mean this is designed to create sort of havoc and create sort of extreme action and indeed is doing that well you know your
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earlier sad that the government of fanning comperes messages but you know our government is doing enough to prevent the stranded to stop people from being recruited no i don't think they are i mean one of the reasons of. people going there is because there are two to the alienated indeed and government policy is actually indian eighteen more people and the other part is is this double sort of miss it is that on one side we have to be involved in the move all of. the syrian government and the other side you know really it is a confusion messages going up and use unfortunately there is always number of the news which are confused which. make it even more confused and double messages and unfortunately these are wrong or will people we should be exploited and something needs to be done and the government indeed needs to set
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a example and said let's head government do to stop this from happening well you know we need to explain to our society that to go be it in fighting in israeli defense forces or in these are groups is not going to resolve the problem is if anything is going to create further problems. you need to educate people that this is an action it's just as he goes it is consequence up to and the reality is create move a bit more killing more he just has the need to drive so in unity down miss is just not going. right now is a must to show your ai the chairman of the islamic human rights commission thanks so much for your views on our senior national. and coming out to bring you the latest on the kurdish struggle for survival in northern iraq if you're genocide by jihad is and are begging for more international help to stay with us.
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that nixon decided to close the gold window and turn the monster a system into a painting on a dollar bill and exchange for this deal with the devil the u.s. economy would never age we were told we could lead lives to balance currency without cost. i've got news for you the portrait of uncle sam has been in the basement of fort knox behind the barbarous relic called gold and that portrait of my dear people chose a tired paper and ugly old from monetary to power tree. empires of dead and banking immorality. this is a media leave us so we leave the media. by the sea motions to the play you party
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years ago. for shoes that no one is asking with to get what you deserve answers from it's all politics. welcome back to her to international the u.n. has declared the highest level of emergency in iraq warning that thousands of refugees trapped by jihadists could face a minute genocide within days a u.s. helicopter delivering food to the area was rushed to by a desperate crowds begging the crew to take them all to safety the pentagon though claims a complete evacuation is not necessary because far fewer people are under siege than previously thought by the z.t. kurdish minority who begs to differ. throughout.
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and it should not. be doing that it could lead. to a. powder i don't. know how that money an ok in a vendetta led behold to shut up and this could someone with the house. and then way and then came in the can and that. until had. the done now it is to shut up now we've got home beyond. what the president of the cause with iraq. who had been absent in my system the rules. of the rose high monarch but that i then went out of our bottoms sabi home. for now america and some of its allies are delivering arms and
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ammunition to the kurds washington was the first to offer a firepower with the cia now providing local militia with light weapons and bullets friends which is only ever had humanitarian involvement before it's also agreed with baghdad to supply some weaponry and the iraqi government which have been reluctant to help the separatist kurds before is now giving them weapons as well while the u.k. is helping transport soviet era weapons from is sure and you are a foreign policy expert robert naiman says the supplies will be a fresh incentive for kurds to seek independence. there are on resolve obviously deep on resolved issues between the regional government of kurdistan and the central government in baghdad it doesn't seem to be any prospect that they will do so if it doesn't have any prospect that really any outside force can physically stop iraqi kurds from declaring independence in the areas that they
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control the current civil have always been seen to have long been seen in the west as a more reliable partner better fighters militarily more cohesive politically course there are other issues at stake here besides. humanitarian. motivations that are being stated one key thing is the concern about the northern iraq it will fields of this is something that the british and french are also concerned about the oil fields in northern iraq possibility that this one exteriorize say as they will threaten or to control of iraqi oil fields. now are actually dot com right now in your face from space an american attack from one data privately owned satellites may soon be able to snap photos of our faces so have a line for the details. plus life after a poll
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a just a click away an african doctor describes the hardships he has to put up with after surviving the deadly virus. and things are tense between israel and gaza despite both sides agreeing to stand their ceasefire hours before the previous truce was due to expire israel accuse the militant of firing rockets and head back with its own strikes our enemies correspondent policy or brings us more. at this stage the ceasefire does appear to be holding but both sides accuse the other of violating it there was a seventy two hour cease fire that was due to expire at midnight on wednesday and two hours before that expired date went into effect there were rockets fired at israel israel responded by hitting targets in the gaza strip and also moving lising its troops on the israel gaza border so that certainly saw tensions here climb as both sides started feeling that they could be
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a resumption of fighting all of this happens while we have these in direct negotiations taking place in cairo there is this new agreement in place for five days and it's hoped that this time will be used to that it can be a deal reached between the sides what we are hearing from the teens in cairo is that there has been significant progress but that there are still outstanding issues regarding the lifting of the seizure in gaza regarding security arrangements and also reconstruction efforts inside the gaza strip. and up next next and stacy discuss supporter of uncle sam aging horribly in the basement of fort knox on kaiser report don't go away.
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baltimore is considering making their curfew for minors even stricter for the last twenty years children caught on the street up until midnight were in deep trouble with the police but now this will be made even earlier starting at nine or ten pm depending on their age and the day of the week can the government impose a curfew on youths well yes if we think about it people under eighteen can't sign contracts join the army smoke cigarettes or vote because they're legally not responsible for their own actions so yeah that whole freedom of association guaranteed by the constitution really only applies once you're an adult who can in theory be responsible for associating with certain people on a street corner at midnight although legally this is ok ideologically there's something wrong with the idea i remember hearing in school all the talk about living in the greatest country on earth and how many freedoms we have in america but the problem is that it is hard for teenagers to believe all these nice slogans when they have to dodge police just for walking down the getting
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a two hundred fifty dollar fine for leaving your house doesn't make you feel like you're living in the greatest country on earth i mean it sure didn't when they put a curfew in my neighborhood in the ninety's but that's just my opinion. you got a lot of sneering and negative press for your engagements here in russia especially the public appearances with putin even though they weren't explicitly political you were just supporting sports. people who she has become very adept at is controlling the media example right here c.n.n. do i think c.n.n. is you know completely telling it like it is no i see you have an agenda i think through jim is is bought and paid for.
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welcome to the kaiser report on max kaiser let me introduce you to the portrait of uncle sam. desperately have some man back in one nine hundred seventy one an old scary if you care to look in the right place you see back in one nine hundred seventy one when uncle sam was that handsome young man one wage earth could support entire family in the u.s. economy incomes were growing for all that america was an export powerhouse where dreams could indeed true.


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